Gas- and Balance test results


Ampelmann & Seaqualize wrap up full scale gas and balance tests

Februari 2018

During November and December 2017, Seaqualize and Ampelmann performed tests in the RDM assembly hall of Ampelmann to validate the Seaqualize gas model and to test how well the system could balance the 4 ton gangway. Turns out, it worked quite well! Check out the below video for more detailed results



Ampelmann's S-type,
powered by Seaqualize

screenshot S-type video.jpg

November 2017

Check out the first shots of Ampelmann's newest innovation, the S-type gangway, including Seaqualize Balanced Heave technology!

Seaqualize technology will be applied in the Ampelmann S-type, their newest innovation for high speed and lightweight vessels, targeting both the Offshore Wind sectors. This technology allows for maximum luffing power efficiency - up to 95% - while lowering overall power usage to be less than 100kW, eliminating the requirement for a dedicated HPU and therefore reducing overall weight - to 17,5 mT - and cost. Combined with the Ampelmann services and track record, it is the most reliable and efficient solution to provide safe offshore access onto fixed or floating structures.

The Dutch Ministry of Economic affairs supports the implementation of this technologoy through a Top Sector Energy subsidy  

For more information, have a look at or contact Gjalt Lindeboom


Ampelmann and Seaqualize to build first balanced gangway prototype

Ampelmann and Seaqualize logo.jpg

October 2017

This week, Ampelmann and Seaqualize announced their partnership towards developing a more efficient, durable and greener offshore gangway, including the patented Seaqualize balancing system. Together, they will increase the standard that market leader Ampelmann has set before, by further improving safety, workability, durability and cost efficiency for offshore walk to work solutions. 

Ampelmann and Seaqualize will jointly build a new full scale prototype to be tested offshore. Seaqualize has a patented technology implementing a hydro-pneumatic system to stabilize offshore gangways. This technology ensures that the static moment is passively balanced in all desired angles and for all load cases. The solution is reducing luffing power consumption for compensation of the gangway with about ~95%.

The innovation is simulated, tested at scale and now ready to be implemented in a full scale prototype. To do so, Seaqualize and Ampelmann received a Top Sector Energy subsidy from the Dutch Ministry of Economic affairs, to fully implement the technology in a prototype. Together with the independent research institutes MARIN and ECN, both partners will use the RVO subsidy to reduce the power consumption of offshore access systems enabling a significant operation & maintenance cost reduction for offshore wind energy.

The four partners are testing the concept design, further engineer and fabricate the prototype, and prepare for the final prototype tests offshore to be finished next summer.


For more information, contact Gjalt Lindeboom, at or +31(0)6 81313930

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