The Delta2


Delta Prototype 03:
2mT payload controlled by hand

100% according to base of design Delta600

  • 2 mT payload

  • 116 cm stroke

  • Inverted tests: fully controlling the load movement by moving the Motion Reference Unit (MRU) by hand.

    Instead of suspending the Delta in a heaving crane hook and holding the load still, we held the Delta still and moved the load. It shows we can manipulate the 2mT load exactly as required to compensate for the heaving motions, which we apply to the system by moving around the MRU.


Registration of freely moving the 2mT payload around by pretending the MRU is moving up and down with the waves.

Average power usage during these motions: ~1 kW

Video password: BHC2020SQ!



For more information, please contact Gjalt Lindeboom at or at +31(0)6 8131 3930 

The development of this device is part of active patent procedures. Any information shared in this video is confidential and only made available to specific audiences that have received access. Please restrict further distribution