Balanced Heave Compensation


Heave compensation 2.0



Seaqualize develops balanced heave compensation (BHC) systems for the offshore industry, a radical breakthrough in heave compensation technology. Balanced heave compensation is a key enabler for a smaller and far more efficient heave compensation systems. Our primary focus is to engage the technology in order to decrease the cost of offshore wind energy.

Our patented technology converts the non-linear force of a gas (or hydro-pneumatic) spring into an easily adjustable linear force, by several mechanical measures.

In cooperation with IHC and research partners MARIN and ECN a scale model of a first device comprising the technology, an offshore access bridge for the offshore wind market has been tested. The research project has confirmed balanced heave compensation enables a range of potential benefits compared to currently available solutions:

  • Increased safety

  • Energy savings >50% compared to existing solutions

  • Ease of engagement

  • Reduced gas volume

 These benefits will lead to a range of new solutions for offshore motion compensation in general and the offshore wind market specifically and will also lead to improvements and cost savings in (engaging) existing heave compensation systems.


β€œIn five years time BHC will be an industry standard heave compensation solution.”

Edouard Schinkel | Founder & CTO


Our story

After developing spring balanced solutions for several industries, parent company NHLO founded Seaqualize to bring the benefits of it's patented technology to the offshore wind industry. In the last three years, the technology has been extensively tested in numerical and scale models, and currently we are working on a full scale prototype of the access bridge for the offshore wind market. The project has been subsidized by the Dutch Ministry of Economical affairs as a Renewable Energy project ( 


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