The Seaqualize Delta


In-Air, In-hook Balanced Heave Compensation

Ready to install Offshore Wind Turbines from floating vessels, increasing workability, reducing operation time.

The Delta adds AHC capability for in-air lifts to existing offshore heavy lifting cranes in a cost-efficient, low complexity manner. The tool can be placed in the hook and reduces heave motions up to 90-95% for heavy loads such as 500 mT and higher, using very limited power and gas volumes. Set down velocities are reduced to ~3-10 cm/s, limiting set-down impact loads.


  • 90-95% heave decoupling, set-down speeds between 3~10 cm/s

  • ~20-40% increased workability for North Sea installations

  • Potential campaign cost savings up to ~20%

  • Compared to standard AHC: improved in-air performance, lease only when needed, no AHC-crane CAPEX required, ~80-90% lower energy use / power requirement

  • Minimal mobilization time and costs (<1 day, fits in standard container)

  • Performance proof for turbine manufacturer (strict set-down speeds)


  • Current design compensates for hook movements of up to 2m heave

  • Effective tool height: ~3-6m beneath crane hook

  • Weight: ~10% of lifted load

  • Power: ~100-150 kW via umbilical for 500 mT

  • Safe: 100% passive load support

  • Designs ready for up to 500 mT, technology fit for 2000 mT and beyond




Delta Prototype 1:
50 Kg set-down test

  • Balanced set down on weight scale showing touch down loads

  • First approach by lowering crane hook; final set-down using precise Delta controls

  • After contact, partial set-down (in this case ~15kg) of weight to prevent accidental lift-off. Loads varying from ~8-22kg due to system friction

  • Full set down to 100% (50kg) by further lowering hook until slack lines



Delta Simulations:-
30 mT blade installation

  • Installs wind turbine blade with standard blade lifting tool

  • Reduces heave on blade with ~95% for unlimited time to allow for controlled installation

  • Delta user-controls allow for precise positioning


For more information, please contact Gjalt Lindeboom at or at +31(0)6 8131 3930 

The development of this device is part of active patent procedures. Any information shared in this video is confidential and only made available to specific audiences that have received access. Please restrict further distribution